For many women, living up to societal expectations can become an obsession. While everyone wants to look perfect, the truth is that no one ever does. But having negative feelings about your appearance could inhibit you from getting the most from your fitness program.
In order to stay motivated, you have believed in what you are doing, and in the results, you will get from it. Since fitness is something you should incorporate into your life, staying motivated to participate in physical activity every day is important.

Ways that women can stay motivated include:
• Sticking with their fitness program even when they don’t see immediate results
• Only use a scale once a week or so. You should pay more attention to how your body looks and how your clothes fit than what you weigh. Muscle weighs more than fat
• Ignore pictures and commentary in fashion magazines and other media as they are only for entertainment purposes and should be considered a realistic comparison
• Accept your physical appearance and maintain a healthy outlook on life Women who are motivated look forward to working out, meditating, and eating a healthy diet.

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