Types of Deception and How to Get Better at All of Them


Now that you know the different types of deception, you must be wondering how you can master the art of deception. For starters, it is important to acknowledge that deception is not exactly a nice thing, as far as morality and ethics go. You really do not want to base all your relationships and interactions on deceit because then you’d be taking away from the people around you and from yourself as well. Genuine relationships that are based on honesty and authenticity have a better shot at withstanding the test of time. That being said, it is also necessary to acknowledge that life does not always play out in black and white. Sometimes, there are other colors in between that call for us to be creative. Once in a while, you may have to use deception to get to where you need to be. In such instances, you will need to be very careful about how you package your deception.

One of the things you need to be careful about is your body language. You may have the most elaborate lie outlined in your mind and deliver it exactly as you had practiced in front of the mirror and still fail at deception. Why? Because your body language gave you away. There are certain body signals that will give a liar away. These include the inability to maintain eye contact, fidgeting, and even stuttering. Some people have been known to touch their noses whenever they lie. Watch out for this tell-tale sign of lying and make sure you steer clear of them while you are spinning your big tales.

The second thing you need to be careful about when being economical with the truth is the reason for the deception. Deception is worth the trouble only if it gets you something you want or somewhere you really need to be. Other than that, deception is just a waste of everybody’s time. If you get into the habit of lying for the sake, everybody is going to think of you as a pathological liar who can never be trusted. This will ruin any credibility you may have built, and you will no longer be in a position to manipulate or influence people. Never mix up your stories. This is the surest way of getting caught. If you must deceive someone, make sure that you have the entire story laid out in case you have to answer any probing questions. You do not want to get caught in an incomplete story that has more holes than a fisherman’s net. Most inexperienced liars especially get caught up in their web of lies because they cannot remember what they said to who and when. If you must keep a notebook to track your lies, please do. It might just save you the embarrassment of being caught in lies.

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