Types of Deception and How to Get Better at All of Them


Deception comes in various forms, all of which are intended to throw a subject off the truth. At the beginning of this chapter, we defined deception as the act of causing someone to believe something that is not valid or true. In this section, we will explore the different ways through which you can deceive someone, how to get better at these methods, and how to protect yourself against deception in your everyday life.

1- Lies

Lies are the most popular form of deception. They are used every day during small talk, meetings, in relationships, in transactions, when you want to get out of an awkward situation, and in just about any type of conversation or circumstance. A lie is quite simply a statement that is the direct opposite of the truth. An example of a lie would be telling your boss that your grandmother has passed away so that you can get compassionate leave when in fact your grandmother is very much alive, and you just want a day off. Lies are easy to tell–you just need to find the contrast of the truth and tell it.

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