If you do not think you can stay motivated by any of the fitness programs mentioned so far, perhaps joining a company or local sports team can help. With scheduled practices, games, and other events, you will have to show up and do your part for the team. Team sports are a great way to meet new people, get exercise, and reduce stress. Popular team sports include:
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Tennis
• Field hockey
• Rugby
• Golf

When you join a team sport, you will be grouped together with others who also want to incorporate fitness into their lives. Having a group attitude like this can only motivate you into sticking with your routine.


You will not have to look far to find team sports. Common places include:

• Company-sponsored team sports
• Community centers
• Fitness club sponsored events
• Weekly pick-up games with friends
• Charity team sporting events

Look in community bulletins, ask people who live in your community, and research sports teams online. Many teams post ads and other messages before the start of every season for those who are interested.
If you don’t find a sport that you are interested in pursuing, you can always
start your own. Local leagues will put your team in their rotation so you can
play against other teams.


The biggest obstacle when it comes to team sports is making sure everyone
on the team gets along with one another. If members on the team constantly fight, then you will no longer have fun, which will ruin your motivation. Even though this is considered a fitness activity, there are other factors to consider.
If the conflict becomes an issue, you can do the following:
• Talk to the captain of the team
• Try to understand where the programs are coming from
• Leave the team and find another activity
• Finish out the season and move on to another team
Sometimes conflicts will not go away, and you will have to make the decision to stay with the team or leave it.


If you enjoy sports activities where other people are involved, then you should find one in your community to get involved with. You will be a part of your community, create a fitness plan, and you will be able to compete
against others who are on the same level as you.
– Pros
• Enjoy being a team player
• Scheduled time for fitness
• Enjoyment of the game
• Equipment provided
• Learn more about your community
– Cons
• Have to rely on others
• The season is only a few months
• Teams change from year to year
• Conflict can occur
The fitness programs mentioned above are popular because they fit into different lifestyles. When looking for a fitness program, it is important to find activities that will not take away from prior obligations. Find programs that compliment your life, not complicate it.

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