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If you want to target certain muscle groups, increase your heart rate, and
build endurance, you should give weight training a try. In order to create a plan that will get you results, you will have to join a gym or invest money in equipment like weights, mats, and weight lifting machines if you have the room.
Weight training involves using weights of different measurements and rotating them so your muscles are able to grow. Building muscle is beneficial in many ways:
• Bodies that have more muscle have less fat
• Muscle provides you with more endurance strength
• Muscle adds tone and definition to your body

In order to build muscle, you must first lose fat that surrounds the muscle. Over time, you will notice that the fat in your body will be replaced by


If you are new to weight training, you may want to visit your gym and hire a trainer who specializes in weight training. You will have to determine the following before beginning your training:
• Current weight
• Body fat percentage
• How often you can work out
• How often you should work out
• Your goals
• What to expect from this type of work out


Many people are surprised to learn that they have gained weight after a few months on a weight training program. Weight gain is normal as body fat is converted into muscle. Muscle weighs more than body fat, so even though you may weigh more, your body will begin to take on a different shape. While you will probably lose weight after beginning this type of program, weight training is more about defining and building mass rather than losing weight.

Combining weight training with running or aerobics is a great way to lose weight while building muscle and toning your body. Your weight training routine will vary depending on your gender, what you capable of lifting, and your body type. Most sessions will involve lifting weights for a certain number of repetitions. This will yield the best results.


Most gyms have a combination of free weights and weight machines so those working out will be able to focus on specific muscle groups while building endurance, strengthening skeletal structure, or building muscle mass. While you can choose which type of weights you feel more comfortable using, chances are in order to achieve your goals, you will have to use a variety of weights.


Free weights include barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. They require the correct form in order to be used correctly. They can be found in a variety of weights and sizes. Some free weights have removable plates that can be used to go from one weight to the next.
When using free weights, it is important to stand straight and place support on your lower back and spine. Always lift weights using your knees and not your back. Pick up free weights slowly so you don’t injure yourself.


Weight machines are available for those who want to build muscle in their legs, chest, and arms. Machines are similar to free weights in that they have adjustable weights. Weight machines do not rely on having perfect posture, which may result in poor work out or injury if you are using too much weight. Try your best to maintain the correct posture at all times when using these machines and adjust the weight as necessary.


Weight training can help you in many ways. Not only will you build muscle
and skeletal mass, but you will also get a good cardio work out.
• Target certain muscle groups
• Adjust weights to suit your needs
• Easy program to track progress
• Gyms are available in most areas
• Trainers can help keep you motivated
• Those who have prior injuries should not begin this program until they
have been seen by a doctor
• Muscle develops differently in everyone, so results may vary
• Share equipment with others
• May take longer to get used to than other fitness programs


Weight training is for those who want to increase muscle mass and tone their bodies. While this exercise is not for everyone, it is a good program to try if you are unsure about where to begin on your fitness journey.

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