Men and women each have ‘problem areas’, which are areas that seem to contain the most fat. For women, this area is usually the lower body. Thighs, abs, and glutes are target areas for women. Regardless of whether a woman has ever been pregnant or not, this area can become out of shape from lack of exercise, overeating, or simply because of genetics. Developing a fitness plan that targets these areas can help you sculpt and tone.
You will learn more about targeting ‘problem areas’ and creating fitness plans to build muscle, reduce fat, and tone your body.


Fitness programs for women are designed to target specific muscle groups, reshape the entire body, or help women relax while they exercise. Learning more about these programs can help you decide which one is right for you. Some women participate in one or two programs in order to build muscle mass and reduce stress at the same time.


A good aerobics program for women incorporates ab work, lightweights, and step training in order to target muscle groups including legs, thighs, and abs.
You can find aerobics classes are your fitness club or you can buy an
instructional CD.
Exercises in an aerobics class for women include:
• Leg lifts
• Lunges
• Squat thrusts
• Abdominal work
• Adding light weights to ab and leg exercises
• Thigh lifts using steps

Each of these exercises is done in repetition which allows the muscles to grow and the fat to disappear. Walking and running will also help shape and sculpt your lower body.


Many women are afraid to start a weight training program for fear they will build large, bulky, unattractive muscles. But when you create a fitness plan that includes weight training, you will build longer muscles, not bulky ones. Weight training can help sculpt muscles and give your body definition. If you have never used weight before, this is a great time to try something new. Adding to your fitness plan can only help you meet your goals.
When beginning your weight training:
• Use two or three machines in order to get used to them. Do ten or
twelve reps using weights that are lighter and gradually increase the
• Use a combination of free weights and weight machines. If you are
unsure which exercises to do using free weights, ask a trainer or go
online to find some easy exercises
• Mix it up a bit after a week or so and try new machines. The key to
sculpting your body is to keep changing exercises so your body can
continue to build muscle
• Don’t be surprised if you gain weight before you start losing it. Your body needs to adjust and will adapt as you continue

– Popular weight training exercises include:
• Leg extensions
• Leg lifts
• Full squats
• Deadlifts
• Upper body exercises
• Chest exercises
• Free weights
• Curls

A weight training program is the best program for those who want to sculpt
their bodies. If you are overweight, you may need to lose some weight
through other forms of exercise before you begin a weight training program. While you will lose some weight through weight training.

build endurance, lose body fat, and increase blood flow. Aerobic exercise is
better for these issues. If you have a knee injury or you are recovering from a surgery or an illness, you should consult your doctor as to which exercises you can participate in and which ones you should avoid.
In order to get the most from a weight training program, you will need to vary your routine so your body continues to build muscle and burn fat.


Incorporating yoga, Pilates, or Tai-Chi into your fitness program can help your body becomes more flexible and graceful and it will allow your body to relax while building muscle and toning certain parts. Many women enjoy yoga because it is a way to block out tasks and responsibilities for a short time.
If you want to try yoga, be prepared to stretch a lot. While yoga poses appear to be easy, many of them require you to have flexibility and stamina in order to execute them properly.
For those who have injuries or those who have recently had children and who want to get back into shape may find yoga to be the perfect starting point. Yoga targets abs, spine, neck, and lower and upper back. If you work in an office and sit at a computer for most of the day, you will benefit from yoga.


For women, walking and running are both easy ways to stay fit because they can be done at various times during the day and can be done almost anywhere. Power walking will burn calories, reduce fat, and help you increase thigh, leg, and ab muscle mass. Maintaining a steady pace will yield the best results.


Any type of sports activity can help women get in shape. Choose a sport that you enjoy and want to be a part of. There are many local women’s sports teams, company teams, and other teams that you may want to join.


Other fitness programs for women include:
• Body sculpting
• Spinning
• Kickboxing
• Boxing
• Martial arts
• Circuit training

These programs will all help in building muscle, losing body fat, and sculpting your body:

Body sculpting
This is an exercise program that uses specific exercises and weight training techniques to shape the body. Different muscle groups are targeted in this fitness program.
• Spinning
Spinning requires the use of a stationary bicycle. Spinning classes can increase endurance and muscle mass in your thighs and legs by increasing speed and resistance within a certain time limit.
• Kickboxing
This is a good overall body workout women can participate in that will also, teach them how to defend themselves if attacked. This program will increase muscle mass in legs, thighs, and glutes.
• Boxing
Boxing is a good upper body workout. Women can work with a personal trainer in learning different exercises and using punching bags and other gym equipment.
• Martial arts
Women who want to combine fitness with meditation, martial arts programs such as kung fu and karate work different muscle groups, increase flexibility and reduce stress.
• Circuit training
Similar to weight training except that you move from station to station during your workout without stopping until your time is up. This type of fitness program will sculpt and tone your body using lighter weights.


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