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No longer eat these foods in an emty stomach :For your health, Avoid eating the following foods on an empty stomach.

would prefer to avoid eating certain foods when the stomach empty, in that many of the risks and complications to his health.

These include the following foods:


Drinking coffee in the morning is a bad idea because if you drink coffee after when you wake up in the morning your abdomen increases the amount of acid solution.

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Flavored Yogurt

Flavored fat-free yogurt doesn’t use natural fruits. They use a great deal of sugar and chemical substance syrups.

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Orange Juice

Fruit Juice has a high amount of vitamin C and doesn’t cosmetic incredibly high sugar content.

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Pears are high in crude fiber which might lead to stomachache and damage of the mucous membrane.

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Sodas and Soft Beverages

Sodas and soft drinks are one of the worst choices you can make in the morning because they are high in sugar and will slow up the metabolism and lead to bloating.

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You may be really confused about why bananas a specific eat for breakfast. In the event you eat bananas on a completely empty belly for breakfast, you will boost the magnesium levels in your blood, and so lead to heart issues.

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Citrus Fruits

Citrus vegetables like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are high in vitamin C, nevertheless, they are not the best choice lunchtime every day as their acidity might boost the risk of gastric ulcers and gastritis.

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Green Veggies

Fruit and vegetables can irritate the abdomen and lead to belly pain.

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Tomatoes aggravate the stomach they have tannin acid which may lead to gastric ulcers and heartburn.

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sugar is easy digestion and absorption of foods but dealt with a large amount of sugar on an empty stomach, your body will not be able to produce sufficient insulin to maintain the stability of the blood sugar. Thus, blood sugar will increase sharply, which may lead to eye diseases.

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Milk and soy milk

contain a high percentage of protein. But he was drinking on an empty stomach, the protein will lose its effect and impact the positive food. So try to drink milk or soy milk and some light snacks or drink after two hours before dinner or before sleep time.

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Warm foods

Do not start your day with warm spices or cayenne pepper, because it is irritating the lining of the stomach, increasing the ph and cause convulsions.

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