Busting the Myths about Hypnosis and Manipulation


When it comes to manipulation and mind control, some groups and individuals have mastered effective ways to use hypnosis to their advantage. For example, a lengthy speech and a never-ending long seminar have the effect of sending the audience into a coma-like state. This may be due to boredom or fatigue or a combination of both. When the audience is in this situation, they are more acceptable and likely to register for anything you offer. This is something that many community leaders master and explains why community meetings are long and depressing. You rarely find the sect’s meeting over in a few minutes. If you close a meeting in 15 minutes, the minds of the audience will remain sharp and accountable. But if you continue for long hours, they start to go unconscious without their knowledge and will not be as opposed to your suggestions as they were in the first 15 minutes.

Another tactic used to achieve hypnosis is to display contradictory information as if it is not contradictory but quite logical. What does this mean? As mentioned earlier in this chapter, there is part of your mind that thinks critically. This part of the brain is what keeps you alive and helps you avoid problems by helping you process important information. When this part of the brain is bombarded with contradictory information without having enough time to process it, it stops. (That’s why it’s always important to step back and process the information, especially when you feel like you’re in a hurry to make a decision, no matter what the situation is). Once your critical thinking has been bypassed, you are likely to accept any suggestions you are given, even if they would not be accepted by a person with normal thinking who is in tune with the logical parts of his mind.

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